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The signature vibration of this universe is 'Love', so lets all play in tune and create beautiful music!


 Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick -
CEO/Creator, KO

The True Meaning of Kahuna:

In Hawaii the word 'Kahuna' refers to the master of any art, and particularly, to spiritual and medicinal healing. Also, in modern times, denotes the best of its kind or class.


The True Meaning of Aloha:

Aloha is the most widely used, and largely misunderstood, word in the Hawaiian language. Most people believe it to be a simple greeting, meaning hello, goodbye or love.
The more powerful meaning is found in the direct translation, "ha" meaning breath of life.


The ancient greeting of Aloha was originally reserved for loved ones and close family. It involves rubbing noses, saying aloha and inhaling each other’s breath (or ha). This is considered the most heartfelt and sincere welcome – to share your life energy with another person – and is the foundation of "Aloha. "  


Hawaiians believe that words or sounds have great spiritual power. Aloha is believed to have the power to heal and transform your life when it is spoken with heart-centered meaning, awareness and intention. When you do so, you are not only extending blessings on the person you are speaking it to, you are also opening your own heart to the joys and blessings of the Universe and in doing so you will also attract spirit guides and angels to protect and guide you throughout your life’s journey.

“The word Aloha is still the most beautiful word in the Hawaiian language. Its true meaning was given to me in the early 1920’s by my grandfather and father. This is how they told it to me … I must caution you to say it only when you truly feel it in your heart.”

"A stood for the word Aloha, meaning Welcome, what I have you may have, share with me. L stood for the Hawaiian word Lohu Mai Kai, which meant, what I’ve said comes from my heart, good intention. O stood for the Hawaiian word Olu Olu, meaning Happy, this is part of our heritage, a happy Hawaiian people doing for others. H stood for the Hawaiian word Ha'a Ha'a, meaning humility and weakness, We welcome you and we do things for you because we are happy doing it and are humble to serve.  A stood for the Hawaiian word a'a Ka moku, which means our eyes are wide open but our lips are sealed for we know what we are doing.   I ka 'olelo no ke ola, i ka 'olelo no ka make. (This saying explains that words can either be a source for healing or destroying and so we need to be careful with our words.)"  

                                                      Josephine Kelikipu

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