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Know your Ingredients!

"Your Skin Is Permeable....Treat Yourself With Aloha!"

Aloha is the state of being of love and respect, first for oneself, and then extending this center of awareness out to include our fellow brothers and sisters, nature, and our planet...all of creation.

Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick - CEO/Creator of Kahuna Organics

Kahuna Organics brings you the best of nature in high-performance formulations for healthy, modern styles and living, in balance with nature. We use the highest grade ingredients available, grown and harvested in sustainable fair trade methods, thus retaining their vital nutrients and signature vibrations!


Kahuna Organics' focus is using only the purest forms of each ingredient, to be in balance with life, for healthy modern living, so you can use KO products with confidence.  Knowing, not only, that our cosmetics are formulated with healthy ingredients, but also, our cleaning products, food, water, clothing, and the air we breathe are vital to humanity's long-term health, vitality, and well-being. 

The industry norm of water as the first and main ingredient is done to lower costs and increase profits. 

Kahuna Organics only uses water when it synergistically improves the formula's performance, never as filler to create more profit.

Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick - CEO/Creator, KO

Pure Natural Ingregients Mother Nature Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii Waterfall
Waipio Valley Big Island Hawaii Pure Ingredients Nature Balanced Living

The EWG's  Skin Deep

Cosmetics Data Base

Scientific data on cosmetic ingredients and their effects  on human health and planet life.

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