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The Power Of Nature For Health And Beauty!

The industry norm of water or oil as the first and main ingredient is done to lower costs and increase profits.

Kahuna Organics only uses water or oil when it synergistically improves the formula's performance, never as filler to create more profit.

Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick - CEO/Creator, KO

Kahuna Organics brings you the best of nature in high-performance formulations for modern styles and healthy living, in balance with nature. We use the highest grade ingredients available that are grown and harvested in sustainable, fair trade methods, thus retaining their vital nutrients and signature vibrations! 


Kahuna Organics products perform as well, and in most cases, outperform their unnatural, chemical laden counterparts. In contrast to many so called "organic" hair and skin care products, Kahuna Organics products are not just clean, but  balanced to heal, nourish, and revive your hair and skin.

Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick brings over 30 years of experience and research in nutrition, herbal healing and the beauty industry to Kahuna Organics. As a hair stylist, makeup artist, educator, and salon and spa owner, he became aware of the health risks associated with daily use of chemical laden products in the hair and skin care industry and recognized the need for not only clean, healthy products, but also synergistically formulated using the physical and energetic properties of nature for organic high-performance products.

Kahuna Organics' Mission: To assist in humanity's transition into our new paradigm of love, peace, and abundant living, through sharing wisdom and knowledge, and a premium line of high-performance, organic products.  With this focus, Kahuna Organics strives to promote balanced living for humanity, using the power of nature for health and beauty, as indigenous cultures have done for millennia.

Kahuna Organics' Tenet:  "All decisions made from a place of Spirit - Love, will be a Win-Win-Win for our Customers, Kahuna Organics, and our Planet!"

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.                                                 

Thomas Edison

Kahuna in Hawaiian refers to the Master of any art and particularly to Spiritual and Medicinal Healing. Also, in modern times it denotes the best of its kind or class.

"Your Skin Is Permeable...Treat Yourself With Aloha!"

Aloha is the state of being of love and respect, first for oneself, and then extending this center of awareness out to include our fellow brothers and sisters, nature, and our planet...all of creation.

Michael Joseph Fitzpatrick  

CEO/Creator, Kahuna Organics


The EWG's  Skin Deep

Cosmetics Data Base

Scientific data on cosmetic ingredients and their effects  on human health and planet life.

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